Allworx VPN FAQ's

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-How To: Set up VPN access to an Allworx System
To access an Allworx System remotely you need to use Virtual Private Networking (VPN). All Allworx systems support one active VPN session. If you need up to 15 simultaneous VPN sessions, then you will need to purchase a feature key that allows this.

Your network MUST connect to the internet with a STATIC IP address. If your network connects to the internet with a dynamic (DHCP) address, then your WAN IP address will continually change and you may not know what it is to have remote access.

This document is based on the Allworx system being in Router or one of the Firewall modes.

-How To: Enable VPN access on the Allworx System
Log into the Allworx system as administrator. To determine your Wide Area Network (WAN) address:

   •  Look for the field labeled “ WAN IP ADDRESS
•  Verify that this is in the “ Current Value ” and there is no column present that states “ Value after Reboot ”.
•  If there is this column present, reboot the Allworx system and recheck the “ Current Value ” for changes.

Verify that you can reach the generic Allworx system webpage by opening another browser window and browsing to the WAN IP address. You should get the generic Allworx webpage with the client's BUSINESS > CONTACT INFORMATION displayed on it. An example of this would be to open a browser and type the command in the address bar: . (This address will not work; it is only to demonstrate how your address should look)

If you cannot reach the generic Allworx webpage, then you either have the wrong WAN IP address or you need to set up forwarding within the external firewall. Within the firewall, you will need to forward the WAN IP address to the Allworx WAN IP address. Due to the many manufacturers of equipment, we cannot offer advice on this. Contact the manufacturer's website for documentation on this process.

Once you know you can successfully access the Allworx public WAN IP address by seeing the generic Allworx webpage with the client's information on it, we can continue.

Go to the NETWORK > VPN page and click the MODIFY under the “ Action ” heading:
•  Check the box next to “ Enable VPN PPTP Server”
•  Do not make any other changes on this page
•  Click the UPDATE icon at the bottom of the page
•  It is not necessary to reboot the system yet

Go to the BUSINESS > USERS page and find the user that you want to have VPN access. Typically this is the Administrator. Click MODIFY for this user.
•  Note the LOGIN NAME for this user. This will be the Username for the VPN client
•  Scroll down to the section for VPN SETTINGS
   •  Check the box next to “ Allow VPN Access
•  Create a VPN password of 14 characters of letters and numbers. For testing purposes, use “a” 13 times followed by a       “1”
•  Click the UPDATE icon on the bottom of the page

•  Check the Circle next to “ Normal Restart
•  A new window opens to verify the restart process, click OK
   •  A new window opens to verify the restart process, type RESTART in uppercase
•  Click OK , and the system will restart.
The Allworx system should now be properly configured.

-How To: Create a VPN client

If you are running operating system Windows XP, you can use the built in VPN client. If you are using any other VPN client, refer to the setup guide of that client. While the following is accurate, be aware that Windows may change the process to create a VPN client at anytime. This is only an overview on creating a VPN client through Windows XP.

The following should create a Windows XP VPN connection:
   •  Choose from the left column “ Create a New Connection ” option
•  Choose from the menu options that allow you to create a VPN connection and NEXT through as required
•  Enter a name for the connection and the WAN IP address when prompted
•  When complete, enter the Username and Password from the Allworx configurations above
•  Check the box to SAVE this information if you wish
•  Click on the CONNECT button to connect to the VPN
•  If all went well, you should now be connected to the VPN

Once you have connected to the VPN, you need to connect to the Allworx system. Open a browser window and type the Administrative LAN IP address. This address is followed by “:8080”. An example of this is Enter the ADMIN password and you are now in the Allworx.